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Liberian Historical Museum



Inaugurated in 2001 by the Holy Father, John Paul II, the Liberian Historical Museum houses the Treasury of the Basilica. Among the various works by the great Masters are the painting Salita al Calvario (Up to Calvary) by “Il Sodoma”, Madonna con Bambino e Santi (The Virgin and Child with the Infant Saint John and Saint Jerome) by Beccafumi and three tablets that narrate the story of the icon Salus Populi Romani by Baldassare Croce. The ancient musical scores of the Venerable Liberian Musical Chapel, a manuscript of the Mass La Stella (the Star) by Domenico Scarlatti and an autograph by Pierluigi da Palestrina highlight the importance of Saint Mary Major’s musical tradition. One section is dedicated to the history of devotion to the Salus Populi Romani throughout the centuries. In fact, one can admire the original frame of Paul V and the precious parure donated by Pope Pius XII. There are numerous reliquaries, chalices and liturgical objects, among which is a chalice by the jeweller Fortunato Pio Castellani and a cartagloria covered in lapis lazuli by Luigi Valadier, which was originally intended for the Pauline Chapel.