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Congregatio Artis et Fidei

CONGREGATIO ARTIS et FIDEI is a project that is based on people who are enthusiastic about the inseparable bond between Art and Faith, in the awareness of its capacity to unite man and God and to ensure dialogue between the past and the present. The association’s name is not fortuitous, but rather, was inspired by a detail in the mosaic in the Loggia delle Benedizioni (Loggia of Benedictions): CONGREGATIO is the word Pope Liberius wrote on the blanket of snow upon which the Liberian Basilica was to be built. It highlights that the Church is a place intended for the communion of God’s creation, the temple in which his flock gathers together to listen, to see and to celebrate his wonders. The aim is to warmly welcome visitors to Saint Mary Major. Volunteers make themselves available to the many faithful, illustrating the historical, architectural, artistic and religious aspects of the Basilica.

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