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Collegium Liberianum

The Collegium Liberianum was founded in 1995 within the Papal Basilica of Saint Mary Major, with the approval of the then Cardinal Archpriest, Ugo Poletti.

The Association is made up of lay people who volunteer their services in the Basilica during Liturgical celebrations, especially during Solemnities. In addition to its ecclesial service, throughout the year, the Association promotes other activities for the spiritual, personal and community growth of each associated member.

Relationships among the members of the Association are based on sincere friendship and mutual respect to ensure that their service is carried out under the maternal gaze of Mary, Salus Populi Romani.

Website of the Collegium Liberanium



Fraternitas Mater Dei et Ecclesiae (FMDE)

The Fraternitas Mater Dei et Ecclesiae Association (FMDE), established within the Papal Basilica of Saint Mary Major, has as its aim personal and community sanctification, in accordance with the ascetic principle “Ad Jesum per Mariam” for the rebirth of individual and community prayer in honour of the Most Blessed Virgin, worshipped in the Basilica with the title of Salus Populi Romani. Members of FMDE participate in the Basilica’s liturgy, especially on Sundays and on Solemnities.